Weight Loss Programs

Balm offers 6 or 12 week weight loss programs following the renown Metagenics Shake-It program. Not only do we follow the proven success of  this program, but you also receive a full naturopathic assessment of your overall health, diet and lifestyle and receive a tailor made program specifically for you.

Your weight, body fat percentage, hydration percentage, muscle mass percentage and waist circumference will be measured and tracked and you will receive a report charting your results at the end of the 6 or 12 weeks.

Often small tweaks are all that are needed to see results and often your best efforts may be getting hampered by easily addressed health issues such as stress, inflammation, poor sleep, sluggish digestion, poor gut bacteria balance or hormone imbalances.


Initial Naturopathic Consultation (Part 1) – 1 hour ($90)
Treatment plan (Part 2) – 30 minutes ($50)
This is followed by weekly or fortnightly visits ($40 per visit or a discount for advance, upfront payment)