What We Stand For

At Balm we are all about science, nature and offering a realistic, achievable treatment path to better health. You won’t be told to carry crystals, eat only organic, or cut out everything from your life that you love. We work with you and your circumstances. We understand not everyone can live the perfect, macrobiotic, organic Zen lifestyle of rich and famous celebrities. We prescribe realistic goals, suggestions and foods and aim to keep the cost of any necessary supplements and herbal medicines as affordable as possible. You will understand why you are taking what you are taking and how it is going to help you feel better.

How We Work

Before your first appointment

Once you have made your appointment, you will be sent a confirmation email containing:

Details about what to bring to your appointment Some forms and appropriate questionnaires to fill out before you appointment. 
These questionnaires give a very good indication as to your state of health and any suboptimal processes occurring in your body. They also often cut out the need for specific pathological testing which can become expensive. However, these tests are still available if you prefer or are interested for further confirmation.

Initial appointment – Part 1

Your first appointment will take around an hour in which we discuss in depth your health and symptoms (both current and historic), take a photo of your iris’s, and perform other tests and measurements as necessary, such as blood pressure, weight, and analysis of skin, nails and the tongue.
Please be completely honest. We do not judge anyone for their lifestyle or food choices but need to know exactly where things stand in order to formulate the best, most appropriate and effective treatment plan in order to obtain the best result possible for you.
After the initial appointment, we take all of the information gained and spend time researching, analysing and formulating a treatment plan perfectly tailored to you.

Initial appointment – Part 2

Your next appointment will usually occur within one week of the first appointment. During this appointment we will present our findings to you and explain carefully the treatment plan formulated for you and why each element has been included. You will receive:
  • Your own health folder in which to keep all of your information and instructions.
  • A clear summary of the health goals to be achieved
  • Summarised results from all of your questionnaires and testing so you know exactly how you are doing and where your health currently stands.
  • A summary of what we believe is going on in your body.
  • Your comprehensive treatment plan which can be tracked to assess your progress.
  • Comprehensive, targeted information sheets which specifically relate to you and your presentation, with easy to understand explanations plus lifestyle suggestions and hints.

Balm offers a supportive, understanding, non judgemental environment as well as extra support and assistance as needed along the way between visits.

Consult Pricing

Initial Consult – Part 1

In-depth information gathering, testing and discussion of symptoms and health history

1-Hour: $90

Initial Consult – Part 2

Report of findings and presentation of treatment plan outlining treatment aims, phases, goals and timing.

30mins: $50

Follow up consultations

To assess progress and refine the treatment plan

30-45mins: $65