ISO Pick Me Up Telehealth consult

This is a one-off consult to address how you are coping with the stress and isolation of not being able to be with the ones you love or any concerns you have about your immunity.

Relationships are in trouble, careers are in jeopardy, we are fearing for our health and the health of those we love, yet at the same time we are physically cut off from getting vitally important support from those closest to us. It is now we are really starting to see levels of depression and anxiety rise and impact peoples lives. This is deleterious to the strength of our immune system. It can affect sleep and decreases our motivation to look after ourselves physically with good food and exercise. This then has a major impact on our health and wellbeing which can have long lasting consequences.

Sometimes it is easier to open up to a professional about what is going on for you. Not only am I a great listener, but I can help give you tools and advice to pull you out of the slump and get you feeling happier, motivated and more positive for the future. I can also prescribe some simple herbal and nutritional supplements, many of which have plenty of research supporting the fact that they can be just as effective as anti-depressants (if not more) without the potential side effects.

This Telehealth consult will take from 30-60 minutes and costs just $68.

Booking is easy. Click here and choose “3. Telehealth ISO pick me up”. Or call me on 0414 057 555 for more information.