Detoxification Packages

Balm offers three types of detox packages. A general liver detox, a bowel detox or a heavy metal detox. Each package runs for 4 weeks and will help you:

  • Start to lose that stubborn weight
  • Feel lighter, happier and more energized
  • Have glowing skin and sparkling, clear eyes
  • Sleep better
  • Know that you have done something good for your body

You will receive

  • Three high quality natural products specific for the detox plan you need.¬†Each will last 28 days or more and the high quality products have been specifically selected to assist your body to gently detox and to protect your organs during the detox process.
  • Specific dietary advice to enhance the detox.
  • A handout with 16 natural, easy to do tips to help the body to detoxify everyday.
  • A daily checklist to ensure you are on track
  • A recipe for a fantastic super detox green juice.

Usual price$189

Online price:

  • $159 – including express delivery ¬†

  • $149 – pick up from the clinic

Simply fill out the attached questionnaire (link below) to find out which of the three packages best suit you.


Then call Rebecca on 0414 957 555 to discuss your questionnaire results, and arrange payment and delivery of your detox products and materials.

Periodic detoxes help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.